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About Us

We strongly believe that tourism is a culture and not merely a business. This remains the main thrust in all our programmes, hence each and every tour organized by The Indians is a result of thorough research which can only be experienced. Our Uniqueness is the theme-based tourism for the students. Our authentic research back up team provides special tours for students of various faculty based on particular themes. All our own packages include the service of a specialized Guide of the Government of India

Company Profile:

INDIAN TOURISM PVT.LTD., better known as The Indians, is an inbound tour operator located in Kolkata. The company was founded in June 2007 to provide a wide range of travel services to guests from Japan, Israel, France and the U.S.
The directors of the company, KALLOL BOSE, SUBHRA BANERJEE and SUBHAMAY BANERJEE, are enthusiastic travelers who have been exploring their country in depth since their student days. KALLOL BOSE and SUBHAMAY BANERJEE are licensed guides of both the ARCHEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA and the MINISRY OF TOURISM, GOVT. OF INDIA. For the last ten years, The Indians have operated the largest homestay program for Japanese youths in Kolkata. They also maintain their own transport vehicles and provide transport services in Kolkata and West Bengal to many of the leading inbound agents in Delhi.
The Indians strongly believe that tourism should not just be about getting clients from one luxury hotel to another, but should promote respectful exploration and active conservation of the local history and culture. As such, all of the tour programs are based on a theme, and are designed according to the special interests and needs of the guests. They are typically interactive in nature, incorporating cultural exchanges with people from all segments of society.
The secret behind The Indians gradual growth and success has been our continuous dedication to exploring new opportunities for tourism all over India, such as new destinations and new trip themes. For example, THE INDIANS have been able to execute successfully many new tour programs based on themes such as horticulture and gardens, crafts and textiles, the culinary arts, and ancient and modern architecture. Furthermore, the directors of The Indians have over 20 years of experience designing and leading tours in Kolkata and West Bengal, and are the pioneers of rural tourism in this dynamic region, which is now gaining significant interest with foreign tourists.

The Directors:

Kallol Bose - Kallol holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata and a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from the Indian Institute of Modern Management in Kolkata. In 1995, Kallol became an approved guide of the Archeological Survey of India and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Since the beginning of his professional career, Kallol has created or enhanced many itineraries that explore the remarkable city of Kolkata. Kallol is fluent in Bengali, Hindi, English and Japanese and he is the principal manager of The Indians inbound Japanese operation. His favourite pastimes are tracking wildlife in India's renowned national sanctuaries and exploring the tribal belts of Central and Eastern India.

Subhamay Banerjee Subhamay holds a M.A. in Modern History from Calcutta University and a Diploma in Travel and Tourism from the Institute of Modern Management in Kolkata. He learned French from L'Alliance Francaise de Calcutta and participated in a cultural exchange program in France under the sponsorship of this organisation in 1989. Subhamay began his carrier as a French-English-Hindi-Bengali technical interpreter for international clients such as a French film production company and several iron and steel companies operating in India. Since 1995, he has been an approved guide of the Minstry of Tourism and the Archeological Survey of India. He has worked for some of India's largest inbound tour operators, including Incent Tours, Incentive Destinations, TravelScope and Sea and Sky Travel. He has also served as a Tour Leader in India for French and American travel companies such as IKHAR, Nouvelle Frontiers, La Route des Indes, La Maison des Indes and Asia Transpacific Journeys. Subhamay has extensively traveled in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Thailand and is extremely knowledgable about Hindu and Buddhist religion and iconology. He is responsible for The Indians marketing function and for designing new itineraries for both FITs and special interest groups.

Subhra Bandyopadhyay Subhra holds a B.COM (Hons.) and a B.A. in Bengali language and literature from Calcutta University. He has always been a curious traveller and has significant experience organising tours for children and senior citizens. In 2002, Subhra, Kallol and Subhamay organised the first upscale tour program of the Durga Puja festival of Kolkata. Subhra currently manages The Indians' transport division. He loves taking weekend photographic excursions alone or with family and friends.

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