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The Call of the Wild

India- the queen of the orient and the haven of mysticism is still remembered by many by images of the poisonous cobra spreading its hypnotizing hood, the striped coat of the Royal Bengal Tiger or the huge tuskers. The wildlife or the fauna in India is as varied as its flora and its undulating topography. The wildlife in India demands serious and attentive scrutiny that can be best handled by undertaking wildlife tours to India.

The Royal Bengal Tiger, the most commonly seen sub species of the Tiger (Panthera Tigris) is pretty much the face of the wilderness in India. The National Animal of India, the Royal Bengal Tiger is the undisputed king of the jungle in the Indian wilderness. However, thanks to the poaching habits of the royalty and the British colonialists, the tiger is now an endangered species in India and can mostly be viewed in confinement. One can still however spot a tiger in its natural habitat in the wildlife sanctuaries of India. The Sunderbans- the mangrove forests of West Bengal, the Bandhavgarh National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha National Park offer the rare sight of this truly royal predator in its natural habitat.
The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in varied habitats ranging from open jungles, humid evergreen and deciduous forests and mangrove swamps. The tiger feeds mainly on deer, antelopes, gaurs and wild pigs. The Royal Bengal Tiger hunts on its own, and loves to lead a solitary existence, each in its own territory.
The two other stars of Indian wildlife are the elephant and the one horned Indian Rhinoceros, which are commonly to be found in the North Eastern and Southern parts of the country. The Kaziranga National Park in Assam and the Gorumara Forest in West Bengal are the best places to have a glimpse of both these giants.
The rich avifauna both migratory and native, are to be spotted at all national parks and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary offers the best in aquatic bird life. The crocodile, the karait and the king cobra are the most prominent reptiles that roam the earth in India.

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