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In generalised idea,the word Tantra is wrongly associated with the practice of occult and the rituals done in the crematoriums. But in the quest of spiritual liberation,this age old discipline has long history and a distinguished place in number of religions in India and abroad.

If analised,the word TANTRA is derived from the Sanskrit word TANU,which means,the body. TANTRA also means a SYSTEM or a WAY.
To simplify,the Tantric way is a practice in the domain of spirituality which involves ones own body. According to the followers of this path,the whole universe is formed of five basic elements ( earth,water,fire,air and space ),so also our own body. Naturally it is useless to look for the universal truth or the ultimate,somewhere out side. On the contrary one can experience the ultimate truth and the liberation by concentrating in the systems of his own body and by analising them. The method requires a direct help from the enlightened one or the Guru.
This practice has been well developed within the domains of Hinduism,Buddhism and other religions too,creating many schools or branches.
In our program we tried to look back at the subject from mythological and philosophical point of view as well,touching different destinations within Bengal and Sikkim,where the tantric practices are still alive.
It is a journey in quest of the right path through Hinduism and Buddhism.

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